Ecosystem Restoration Program

Ecosystem Restoration Program

The goal of the Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) is to promote healthy and productive native ecosystems including grasslands, oak woodlands, riparian corridors, wetlands, and forests. This program has five principal ongoing sub-programs designed to accomplish this goal: Riparian Ecosystem Restoration, Native Grasslands Enhancement, Oak Woodland Enhancement, Invasive Plants, Forest Restoration, Prescribed Fire and Native Plant Materials.

Forest Restoration Program

The goal of the Forest Restoration Program is to preserve, enhance, and restore the health of mixed evergreen, hardwood, and conifer forests and promote late seral conditions to improve habitat, carbon storage and fire resilience.

Grassland Restoration

In order to address diminishing native grasslands, the Native Grassland Enhancement program seeks to gain a better understanding of the current state of grassland ecosystems in the Mattole watershed, and to preserve and enhance remnant native grass populations.


The goal of our invasive species program is to control and prevent non-native, invasive plants from spreading over large areas of critical habitat in the Mattole watershed and adjacent King Range National Conservation Area.

Prescribed Fire

The MRC Prescribed Fire program works alongside the Humboldt County Prescribed Burn Association, State and Federal Agencies and local volunteer fire departments to increase prescribed fire capacity in the Mattole and Southern Humboldt.

Native Plant Materials

Producing high quality native plant material is essential for successful native plant restoration projects. We collect seed from a diverse mix of locally adapted native plants from the various native plant communities throughout the Mattole Watershed and King Range National Conservation Area.

Riparian & Wetland Ecosystem Restoration

Logging in the post-WWII era hit riparian forests especially hard, causing silt deposition, the heating of shallow waters beyond the tolerance of salmon, and a lack of large logs that provide young salmon and steelhead with essential cover from predators.

Oak Woodland Enhancement

The goal of the Oak Woodland Enhancement program is to gain a better understanding of the current distribution and ecological health of oak woodland/savanna ecosystems within the Mattole watershed, preserve existing stands, and implement projects to restore historical structure and functioning.