Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

The goal of the Education and Outreach Program is to improve understanding of ecology, restoration, and stewardship among youth, community members, and the wider public. This program includes three on-going projects: Community Resource Center, Youth Education, and the Mattole Field Institute.

Mattole Resilience, Education, & Research Center

Currently in a planning and pre-acquisition phase, MRC staff are working to acquire acreage in the lower Mattole Valley that will allow us to meet the many resilience needs recently defined by local community stakeholders.

Mattole Field Institute

In the spring of 2012, the Mattole Restoration Council launched the Mattole Field Institute with the aim of providing place-based, hands-on instruction in topics related to Mattole watershed restoration. Courses encompass a broad range of curriculum with studies from various fields.

Mattole Youth Environmental Stewards

The Mattole Youth Environmental Stewards (MYES) work with all six local public schools, providing assistance to teachers for field-based and classroom instruction on ecological topics both local and global.

King Range Alliance

We inspire involvement of students, visitors and the community to steward, preserve and restore the natural life of the King Range National Conservation Area.

Nick’s Interns

In 2004 Ray and Marie Raphael founded Nick’s Interns in memory of their son. Nick Raphael started his career working outdoors throughout high school and college with several non-profit conservation organizations and the Bureau of Land Management’s King Range National Conservation Area.


Funded through Calworks and known as STEP Up, this program awards grants to community organizations to help youth gain work experience or pursue an education towards increasing employability. Each participant is individually assessed and offered supportive services tailored to help them achieve their potential.